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Wrap Style : Kode agar tampilan posting lebih menarik

Wrap style adalah mycode untuk membuat postingan kamu lebih menarik.
Jika dalam HTML bisa disebut dengan div style tapi kami buat versi yang lebih mudah ke dalam mycode.
Ini bisa dilampirkan diantara post,  seperti text gambar atau bisa juga lampiran

Contoh implementasi nya 

GG gan
Penerapan dalam text
[Image: 5_08_10_21_7_57_12.jpeg]

Dan sebagai nya bisa lebih di kreasikan, untuk lebih memudahkan nya saat post bisa menerapkan full screen dan mode view source.
Berikut ini cara penerapan. Jika diterapkan jangan lupa hapus tanda bintang (*)

Basic syntax:

Styled syntax:
[*wrap style="<Styling options>"][/*wrap]

// columns
column                        - same as left in LTR languages and same as right in RTL languages
left                          - same as column, will let you float your container on the left
right                         - will let the container float right
center                        - will position the container in the horizontal center of the page
col2..col5                    - will show the text in multiple columns determined by their amount (2, 3, 4 or 5), only works in modern browsers (no IE9 and below)
colsmall, colmedium, collarge - will also show the text in multiple columns but determined by their width (small, medium or large), only works in modern browsers (no IE9 and below)

/ / widths – might not work as expected, includes mobile support
half      - fits two columns in a row, should be used in pairs
third     - fits three or two columns in a row, should be used in triplets or together with twothirds
twothirds - fits two columns in a row when used together with third, one 1/3 wide and another 2/3 wide
quarter   - fits four columns in a row, should be used in quads

// alignments
leftalign   - aligns text on the left
rightalign  - aligns text on the right
centeralign - centers the text
justify     - justifies the text

// boxes and notes
box       - creates a box around the container
info      - creates a blue box with an info icon
important - creates an orange box with an important icon
alert     - creates a red box with an alert icon
tip       - creates a yellow box with a tip icon
help      - creates a violet box with a help icon
todo      - creates a cyan box with an to-do icon
download  - creates a green box with a download icon
round     - adds rounded corners to any container with a background color or a border (only works in modern browsers, i.e. no IE)
danger    - creates a red danger safety note
warning   - creates an orange warning safety note
caution   - creates a yellow caution safety note
notice    - creates a blue notice safety note
safety    - creates a green safety note

// marks
hi - marks text as highlighted
lo - marks text as less significant
em - marks text as especially emphasized

// misc
clear   - clears floats
hide    - hides the text per CSS (the text will still appear in the source code, in non-modern browsers and is searchable)
button  - when wrapped around a link, styles it like a button
indent  - indents the text, could be used instead of tab
outdent - "outdents" the text
prewrap - wraps text inside pre-formatted code blocks

You can set any valid widths: %, px, em, rem, ex, ch, vw, vh, pt, pc, cm, mm, in.
Just set the width before or after other styles, e.g.
[*wrap somestyle 60% anotherstyle]...

All except percentages will be reduced to have the maximum width available on smaller screens.

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